Hey all. So, after much consideration, I have decided to create a new blog, primarily to satiate my kneed to blog about knitting. And to (cleverly) make grandma crafting word puns (see above^). Here are the awesome things in my life right now:
I have 3 cats, as pictured. I know that a knitter with cats is a HUGE surprise, but I'm on my way to old lady ville, so it was a prerequisite. They are awesome. I won't indulge myself too much with incessant blogging about cats, but here they are. At the top is Myoshi, then Jolie in the middle, and lastly, Violet (she's a bitch. but I love her). Ok, enough of that. Onto knitting!

So, if you're on Ravelry.com, please add me! My name is bitterbuffalo25. I have a couple of WIPs, but right now I am focusing on Beer Gloves from Son of Stitch N' Bitch.
I'm just now starting on the second glove, and the pattern is pretty easy to read, although it took me a sec to decipher the palm and back of the hand sides as a single round. For some reason, the author made them separate in the pattern. The yarn I'm using is amazing. My mother got it for me for Xmas, and it's Autunno by Di.Ve in a maroonish-blackish colorway. It was the first skein on fine merino wool I ever got! I mostly use wool, alpaca, cotton, or acrylic blends; most of them from knitpicks due to my poor college student status.

I am now totally spoiled when it comes to yarn. The skeins of Red Heart SS now feel so rough on my hands, and I've vowed to try and use natural fibers. Blake, mah boo, took me to Michaels for our anniversary (dating for 3 years!)/Christmas gift and bought me a ton of cotton/wool blends that were on sale. It really doesn't cost that much to get better yarn, thanks to Lion Brand and KnitPicks. My current favorite is Cotton-Ease! I'm so into yarn, I could look at it all day. So, in case you're wondering what to get me for my birthday, now you know. mmm

Despite being an avid knitter for a few years, I'm still a small project knitter. Mostly because I only knit in large amounts when school lets out. However, I'm graduating in May, so I'm thinking of starting my first sweater as soon as I get some money to buy all the yarn needed. There's a few on Knitty that I've been eyeing. We'll see.

More to come...I'm going to post pictures of my finished Beer Gloves when they're done, and Blake really wants me to knit him a white mage hat or pair of gloves. Like from Final Fantasy, old school style. We're huge game nerds. I just have to add some intarsia triangles to an existing pattern, but when I do, I'll post it! Holla

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