It's snowy in DC today

So, I wasn't at the Inauguration a week ago. In the end, we decided to avoid the craziness and hang with some friends whilst watching everything on tv. And, it was such an experience, just watching it, as I'm sure you all know. Above is a picture from the Prince of Petworth Inauguration photo pool on Flickr. Here's another one posted by Prince of Petworth (a GREAT DC blog) that I love.

Sorry about the lack of posts. I've been knitting here and there, but mostly packing to move, which happens in a week and a half!!!! I'll be busy until after I move, and once I set up the craft desk/organizational system I've got planned, I'll be up and running again creatively.

Something else, aside from packing has also distracted me lately....

yes. the Wii. God bless it.

If any of the rest of you have Wiis, I hereby challenge you to a Mario Kart duel. It's ON.


January is for decorating

So work is stressful right now. I'm getting all my stuff organized and done, but this week I'm feeling a little over work. Oh well.

Here's something fun...do you guys want to see a few decorative things that I'm buying for the apartment? Maybe you'll get a few sweet ideas to share with me? Alrighty!

Modern Japanese-esque shower curtain from Urban Outfitters for $36.

Cotton rug from Urban Outfitters : $15. I think it looks very art deco meets Space Invaders, don't you?

Deer lamp from Urban Outfitters: $20. I would far prefer this in white, yellow, or red. Pink isn't really my thing.

Branch coat hooks from Urban Outfitters: 2 for $15. I love these. So simple and pretty.

Aneboda bedside tables from Ikea: $40 each. I'm getting two for the bedroom.

Ikea Desk. This is one of those "create your own tables" where you mix and match legs and tops. This particular one I'm buying from a seller on craigslist, and she hand stained the legs yellow. I think it's way cool.

End table from Ikea. I'm buying this from someone on craigslist for $15. Blake thinks I like it because it looks like the letter "C". Maybe he's right.

Someone made this cat bed from an old iMac computer monitor....and I want one! I love recycled items, and you can find these old monitors for nothing...Make magazine mentioned someone who sells these on Etsy. I'd love to do it, but I worry about getting everything out and the lead content in monitors. Still though, it's pretty cool.
Shelf from The Container Store: $32. Ok, so my mom and I have been talking about an efficient way to store my yarn stash, and my mom suggested a shelf like this wall mounted above my craft desk. I'm terrible with power tools, so when my mom visits me in February, she's going to help me pick out a drill and mount stuff. Finally, the yarn will be out of the plastic bags next to my bed!
Umbra Vases at Target: $17 - $20. I love these. The non-black part is actually clear, and I want flowers (silk or real) all over the apartment.

I've got my eye on a thousand other things as well, but above is a taste. Can you tell I like white alot? The couch I may be getting is beige-ish, so I'm pretty excited about that too.You guys should know, if you are looking to refurnish your apartment, scouting craigslist everyday seriously pays off if you're quick enough!

August is for Melody scarf still slowly moving along. About 12 rows left! I still need to buy that Knit.1 issue that features patterns from all my favorite bloggers....


You Spoony Bard!

So far, I'm not recovering well from the holiday.

I mean, I didn't really party or do anything too crazy, I just went home, came back, worked for a day and a half, and then had 5 days off. During which I chilllllled, looked for furniture, played FFIV on the DS (which is amazing) and watched some movies.

So you see, coming back to work after this down time seems ridiculous to me. This morning I sat down at my desk at stared at my very long list of things to do, and exhaled heavily. Work? Let us all give a collective "booooo".

In truth it's good to be back, because I go a little crazy without goals/tasks, and when I'm working I'm not over analyzing and thinking about things that piss me off. I prefer to be positive, therfore I stay busy.

My mom sent me some interesting pictures of her and her friend Michael modeling the Branching Out scarf that I made her for Xmas.

Kind of crappy since I made her take them with her Blackberry while she was in Gatlinburg, but oh well. The color of the scarf is of course, not bluish-white, but more like a pale lavendar-gray, as shown in previous posts. I of course added a simple fringe, which I think makes the overall effect very prim and clean. Then , I wet-blocked it, which added about a foot and a half to the length. She loved it.

Although you would not be able to tell by my packing progress, I'm so excited to move. I bought a sweet new cookware set on Amazon! It's a 10 pc. Farberware set, and it's so nice in its non-stick goodness. I know....so mundane, right? But seriously, it's amazing to read so many reviews on home goods and finally (FINALLY) land on something that won't explode on contact. Next stop: vaccuum. Listen to me. I'm boring myself. I think I'll go to the store today and pick up a life while I'm there....Ha.

That aside, I'm slowly progressing on the August is for Melody scarf. Then, I can finish the nieces' gifts and FedEx them down to KY. I'll hopefully have some pictures up by this weekend.

How was your holiday, doods?


Long weekends + Unsolved Mysteries

So it's been a while....holidays, right? I OF COURSE didn't get done with the gifts, but I was able to give my mom her scarf, Lauren her mitts, and Katie her hat....the rest will have to be shipped. Sigh.

So, the SECRET project is now finally revealed!
I loved making these mittens...and they were my first attempt at stranded knitting. I think they turned out well! Now, onto Katie's hat...the lovely Foliage pattern on Knitty that I have been wanting to make since FOREVER.
Katie wouldn't let me take a picture of her in it....but it looks perfect on her. I love lace knitting. Quick, and just the right amount of concentration.

So I still have stuff to finish, but that's ok.

Constance (my little sister) left for Tokyo the day after Christmas! And on the first day she was there, her boy proposed, so now she's engaged! Crazy! Things like this make me feel both extremely young and extremely old at the same time. It's weird. I've been feeling a little weird about growing up lately...sometimes I wonder what I should be doing instead of figuring out what I want to be doing. Weird.

However! I've been focusing all of my energies into planning things to buy for the new apartment. I've been scouting craigslist everyday for cute Ikea stuff, and planning how much money i need to spend of cooking knives, cookware, a vacuum, furniture, etc. Not to mention the Wii that I'm going to buy in Feb/Mar. i'm pretty excited about it. Our small little apartment is going to be quite cute. I hope my fam and friends come visit lots!

Here's a picture that my sister sent from Tokyo!
She's adorable. Aren't you jealous? I am. I hope she visits me soon. Maybe I can convince her and Kevin to move to DC....maybe.