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By the way, here are the patterns of the things I am knitting for Erin's baby Stella. These are of course, pictures of the pattern knitted by others, but it gives a good idea of what it will all look like, with some changes in color of course.

This is the sweater I'll be knitting, only in blue (KnitPicks' Crayon).

And this dress, in one of my Wool-Ease colors, haven't decided which one yet. This is actually meant for a two year old, which means Erin will have something for Stella when she gets a bit bigger.

And this bottle snuggly, in KnitPicks' Shine Worsted (Cream and Terracotta). It even has a cute little tail! So adorable.

I'm going to try and knit up bigger sizes of the clothing items (if yarn yardage allows), so that Stella will have clothes when she is a few months older, or if she's a bigger baby. Anyway, I'm pretty excited to get my yarn in, and I'm going to try and get as much knitting in here and there while I'm in school, but I don't think I will complete these gifts until after I graduate. That means that Stella will be about 2 months old at this point, so there's another reason for trying to make bigger clothes. I guess that even if I run out of yarn, I can always order more on KnitPicks, right? We'll see. Also, all of it will be knit in machine washable yarn!

Speaking of KnitPicks, I wish my damned order would come in. I wanted to get it today, but I probably won't receive it until my birthday (Monday!). Oh well.

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  1. aweshum. i can't wait to see the finished product