Werewolf Bar Mitzvah: spooky, scary

Boys becoming men...men becoming hairy...

Ok so, I wasn't really planning to dress up for Halloween, and I still probably won't, but Blake and I did see a set of costumes in the window of a novelty shop that I can't decide whether they are stupidly corny, suggestively hilarious, or BOTH...aka awesome.

It may be kind of dumb. But Blake and I can make ANYTHING cute. No really. It's quite a skill.

The most amazing thing happened last night! So you know that Branching Out scarf I'm working on? Well, I was concerned as to whether or not I had enough yarn, as my mom likes longer scarves and I wanted to add some fringe. After finishing up one ball of Karabella Aurora 8 (which I'm a big fan of, by the way) and the scarf only being about 2.5', I knew I needed another ball. The only place near me that has that particular colorway of Aurora 8 is the Stitch DC in Georgetown (which is who I bought the first two balls from), so I decided to go there last night. I was praying (but not counting on) them having the same colorway AND dye lot that I've been using, and THEY DID. Amazing. I bought the first two balls 2 months ago, and Stitch DC is a well known LYS...how did I get so lucky? So now I can finish the scarf this weekend without fear that there will be a slight difference in color when I change balls. This is the delicious yarn I speak of:

I also finished my SECRET project last night, but I'm feeling a bit insecure about it. I'll say that the colors are just a bit...rainbow-y...I just don't know. People are funny about colors, and I may just start over with a new yarn and a new project. However, it will set me back a bit, time-wise....blurg.

Have you guys ever been around someone who was constantly trying to compete with everything (literally, EVERYTHING) you say or do? It's been affecting me somewhat lately. I don't mean to be cryptic, it's just been on my mind. I mean, hey, I don't think I'm better than anyone, and I always try to be considerate in the way I word things to even the MOST sensitive people in my life, but this is different. And irritating. I think I'll stop letting it bother me.

I joined Bally today, and I'm going to the gym tonight. I'm pretty excited about it. I'm also going to plan out healthy dinners from the Bob Greene site that my mom has joined. It's all happening. Yep.

I'm looking at a weekend full of knitting, so I'm sure I'll have more pictures to post very soon....and Happy Halloween guys...GO CRAZY.


  1. Glad you found the yarn. I just had the same situation with Karaoke Black Rose, only I had the third ball I needed. It was defective. I will stay away from this yarn forever after. I will read your blog instead. Arggggg!

  2. Forgot to mention the pencil scarf. That is SOOOO cute! Any chance you could post a link to the pattern? That's all I need--one more new project--but I could completely disregard my oath not to take on anything new. Once again, you are proving to be the Lorelei Rock of knitting.