I'll buy you a kabab!

So, inspired by Peachcake's post, I decided to join in:

A list of 10 movies that I love to watch because of what the interior of the characters' houses look like: (in no particular order)

1. The Baxter (have to agree with Peachcake on this one)...Baha Cuisine?!

2. Lost in Translation - This more relates to interiors in general, as it doesn't show anyone's residence (just the hotel). And this movie is set in Japan, so duh, of course I love it.

3. The Science of Sleep

4. 2046 - again with the asian influences, this time Chinese meets mid-century modern

5. Me and You and Everyone We Know - How can you NOT have cute interiors when Miranda July is involved?

6. Amadeus - Garish Austrian Rococo? I DIG IT

7. Me Without You - For two reasons: the cool interiors, and the fact that Michelle Williams is my super celebrity crush. Seriously. I love her.

8. Marie Antoinette - Once again, so over the top and amazing.

9. Blade Runner - Ridley Scott used a Frank Lloyd Wright house for this movie, and a lot of dim lighting effects. Schweet.

10. New York Stories - In no way is this movie Allen/Scorsese/Coppola's best AT ALL, but the use of loft space is pretty fabulous...

On the knitting front, I want to finish a project instead of continuing to start new ones. And I want to finish all you bastards' gifts so I can make awesome hats and such for myself. Yep. Hopefully I'll finish the other Little Gems Mitt and have pictures soon! In the meantime, you're the bosses, applesauces.

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