stitch please

Knitters are full of puns...it's like a prerequisite to being a crafter...I love it.

So my weekend was pretty awesome! To be honest, the Washington Craft Show was cool at first, but became a bit boring after so many hours. Mostly because A) everything was WAAAAY too expensive for me to buy and B) although impressive, the stuff wasn't really my taste for the most part. I mean, there was some cool fiber stuff there, but again, too pricey for me. However, I did earn some extra money and felt good about helping out, so it was cool.

The absolute highlight of my weekend was Stitches East on Sunday. It was such a fun day, and Blake and I decided to take train/bus/light rail instead of drive, so it was kind of an adventure. Less talk, more pictures!
Blake and I on the Greenbelt bus.Blake likes to read to me on car rides or long trips. Here, he's reading "Little, Big" by John Crowley.

The WEBS booth....it was vast and amazing.

Blake looks silly here, but this is the only actual picture I was able to take with my camera inside Stitches until some cunt told me I couldn't. I was pretty sure she was just being cranky (as I saw others taking pictures), but the rest of my pics were sneakily taken on my phone. That aside, this HUGE bin had big ass bags of yarns for 50% off...pretty exciting.

The entrance into Stitches.

I don't remember this vendor, but I did manage to get a random picture of beautiful handspun wool...yum.

Blake picked out a silk/wool blend yarn for a nice cabled scarf that I'm going to knit him....

Me checking out my goods at Subway after.

All the yarn I bought....I was on a budget, but I still managed to come out pretty well. The jewel of my collection is the black and white yarn in the bottom left corner....100% alpaca from Pajolo Alpacas...their yarns were so soft and amazing that even Blake was struggling to hold back the drool. Pretty expensive for me, but totally worth it.

It was a really fun trip....I want to attend more fiber/knitting festivals, like Rhinebeck and maybe even Taos.

So, that aside, here's what I've been working on for the past few days...I need to finish my WIPs!

These are a birthday gift for my younger sister...I made her Knitty's Fetching last xmas, but they've come apart a bit because the yarn used and my past finishing skills left a little to be desired...so she's in need of a new pair of fingerless gloves. I think they are very cute...and very appropriate for her. A bit tedious though, as they're knit on teeny needles with teeny yarn...but the fun colorwork keeps me sane.

I miss Kentucky. I'm so excited I get to come home on Thanksgiving. And my mom is coming to visit me again in about a week. She makes DC extra amazing.


  1. It is so sweet that Blake reads to you AND hangs with you at a fiber event. He sounds like an awesome guy! Looks like you got some pretty great stuff, lucky girl!

  2. Yeah, he's pretty awesome. And when he started to whine a bit, I said "If you went to Comic-Con, I would go with you without complaint." To which he replied, "Yeah, but you're a nerd like me and you know you'd love Comic Con." ....Touche, Blake.