How do you wanna DO this?

Resources used to learn Japanese:

-Rosetta stone: first thing used, and it is helpful, but I haven't used this in weeks.
-Pimsleur: just audio tracks, but my favorite thus far...I do each lesson at least twice, and the tracks are set up to repeat words you've learned for better memorization. It's pretty great. The only problem is that there's no visual reference for the words, so sometimes I have to look them up online in Romaji...I'm a visual person.
-Japanese for Busy People: A pretty famous book that I downloaded in PDF form with its accompanying Kana workbook
-Japanese is Possible: An ebook from Maktos.com. Semi-effective so far.
-A friend sent me a Kana program for the Mac called "iKana". I've been messing with it a bit.
-My sister sent me a link a while back for practicing Kana and it seems very helpful: http://www.realkana.com/

And, that's about it. I'm mostly focusing on coversation rather than Kana recognition, but I'll get there. A lot of people recommend flash cards, but we'll see. I've never really put much effort into learning a language before, but I'm determined to learn Japanese to get the most out of my stay there. Who knows, maybe I'll learn it and then more languages down the line? I'd love to learn French...and Spanish...and Portugese...and German...fuck.

Anyway, enough about that. I'm madly in love with my Frommer's Guidebook of Japan. I read The Rough Guide to Japan, but the Frommer's is far superior, and it will definitely be the one I lug around in my bag for the first few months. It made me feel way less scared about staying in a Ryokan (a Japanese style inn where traditional customs are observed), and it also allowed me to accept the fact that I will get lost in Tokyo at some point. I'm ok with it.

Still trying to figure out what I'm going to do during that free week after I arrive. I thought about staying in Osaka, which I still may do. With all the shit on my mind before I go, I'll most likely just wing it.

Also, watch this show. It's excellent.
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Genki: Leaving soon. Blake's amazing, supportive, and wonderful self. Overcoming pettiness around me and accepting things at face value. Michael and Michael Have Issues.

Not so Genki: Panic attacks. My lack of exercise over the past month. My fear of flying (so stupid).


  1. Hey there! My name is Jamie, and I believe I will be starting work at MIL around the same time as you. It's both exciting and nerve wracking, isn't it...

    Anyway, it looks like you're on the right track for the language study thing. I should brush up on my Japanese as well before leaving. Good luck!

  2. Good to meet you! Nice to meet another MIL teacher! And yes, you hit the nail on the head, although my emotions are definitely leaning more towards nerve-wracking at the moment...

    And thanks! I'm hoping to be conversational by the end of my year in Japan, but we'll see!