How to plan adventures, part 1

So my Blakeless is on his way to Kentucky. I miss it so much. I haven't been to Louisville in over a year, which is weird to me. I don't think Louisville is the right place for me to live job-wise, but I really miss my people there. And my family and friends nearby as well...and how damn cheap the rent is there.

So! I've been doing some planning this afternoon. After this wondrous stint in Japan, Blake and I have been discussing where we want to relocate to in the near future, depending on school options, how much money we can save, etc. We both really like DC, but we know we won't be there long term. We've mostly entertained the idea of moving to Chicago, as originally planned, but Blake suggested to me that we take a road trip of all the great midwest/east coast cities that we could live in. We'd both love to live in Portland, but know that it's just too far away to live long term. Sure it's a cool city, but I'd like to be somewhere where I not only have some connections, but am within visiting distance of my family and friends. Home is where the heart is, and all that. So, I think a two week road trip is in order shortly after I come back from Japan next August.

Here's some places we're thinking of visiting and potentially moving to:

1. Chicago, Illinois (duh)
2. Brooklyn, NYC - I always wanted to live in NY when I was younger and lately I've been thinking about it again. Expensive and less crime than DC (which isn't all THAT bad, really), and of course there's no shortage of fun things to do and people to meet.
3. Minneapolis, MN - to be honest, it's really too damn cold here for me to consider moving there, but we'll include it in our road trip to see the city and pay a visit to Douglas.
4. Pittsburgh, PA - Philly is also a possible option here. Never been, so we'll just have to see.
5. Baltimore, MD - not too far from where we live now, but seems like a pretty cool city.
6. Milwaukee, WI - close to Chicago, and the more I read about this city, the neater it looks. Worth a gander, anyway.
7. Providence, RI - sort of random, but seems nice
8. Boston, MA - seems like a cool city, but full of assholes. Then again, so is NY and that's #2 on the list. So is DC, and we live there. Again, I've never been there, so maybe that's a hasty judgement.

So I'm still researching and adding to the list. Austin, TX is also a place Blake and I have though of going to, so maybe we'll visit. It's too far away to live though. And despite Austin being a super rad city, I just don't know if I can bring myself to live in Texas. Ug. The Carolinas are an option too, but I'm not sure. Any suggestions? Chicago is really looking the most likely at this point, honestly, but who doesn't love an exploratory road trip?

Anyway, in other news, I've had a pretty lax weekend here in Japan. Probably going to knit a little today, do some cleaning, and walk around Sakura a bit. Tomorrow my classes are being videotaped so my school can observe and comment on how I'm doing. Yikes.

Maybe later I'll have some knitting pics to post for the first time in forever. This blog is called frankenskein, after all. Give me US city suggestions!


  1. The Carolinas are awesome! If you go there I would suggest either the Asheville area (cutesy, more liberal, and pretty MOUNTAINS!) or the Raleigh area... I was surprised how much I loved the Raleigh area. One of my friends was from Raleigh when I went to school at Wilmington and I went home with her a lot that year. There are SO many trees and with all the colleges it has a good, fun vibe. If you like the beach -- WILMINGTON! I love that place sososososososo much.

    South Carolina is a little too conservative for me and very preppy. It's gorgeous, but I don't know if I could live there -- unless you were in upstate SC.

  2. My half brother actually lives in Raleigh, as well as a couple other friends of my family. Seems really cool, but I'm concerned that it may not have the bustling age 25-35 crowd that Blake and I are looking for...definitely worth a trip though! Thanks Rhianna!

  3. Is Denver too far away? Awesome micros-brews here and the 25 to 35 crowd in Lodo (Lower Downtown) would be just the place for you guys. Lots of fun places on Blake Street!

  4. If you go to Boston, then that gives me the opportunity to call you and Blake "Massholes." And i really really want to call someone that.