50 ways to leave your lover

So, in lieu of knitting due to insane-last-semester-school-stress, I haven't had much to post about in this blog. However, I'm going to extend this blog to other activities and things that I like to do, but of course keep my eye on the prize.

I went to Borders today and finally bought Palahniuk's "Haunted" and read a few pages. I really want "Rant" as well, as it is supposed to be amazing, but they didn't have it. And although I haven't gotten to it yet, I'm intrigued by the notorious "Guts" story. It is apparently so vulgar that it has made people faint, as I heard when it came out. I really can't imagine fainting over it, but if I do, I'll be pretty damn impressed. As a preparatory caution, I will buy Blake some smelling salts at the ye olde apothecary down the road.

I have made some progress on the beer gloves, although I will wait until they are completely done to post pictures. However! Blake and I walked into Knit Nook last Thursday, and they were having their weekly stitch n bitch. I talked to a bunch of people there, one guy was even working on the same gloves as myself! So I think I'll start going on Thursdays, when I can. It seems really relaxed and fun.

I saw a book today called "101 Things to do with an Old T-Shirt" (or something like that), and it amazed me. I kind of want it. I found it! Here it is:

On a continuing note, I watched the rest of the Miyazaki movies that I wanted to see and they are truly amazing. I love them. I've also started watching all the seasons of The Office (US) in order, and I love it.

Thank you guys for checking out this blog! There will be much more knitting news to come, when I have just a bit more time between the hundreds of pages of reading and my final design project. In the meantime, buy me yarn for my birthday and keep on (or start) knitting!


  1. amanda allen let me borrow that book. i've done great things.

  2. really? I need to borrow it from her. Or buy it. I flipped through it and it seems super awesome.