Fact: Beer Gloves are finito

They're finally done! I finished them last night. The yarn is Di.ve's Autunno in a maroon/black blend that my mom got for me at Rebelle in Lexington. It is a bit "fuzzy" for my taste, (although I'm probably just not used to using 100% merino wool) as they keep pilling a bit. But! I wore them out last night and they are crazy warm. And beautiful. Check it out:

I modified the pattern a bit, as they are meant for men's hands, and I have small hands even according to average women's standards. I decreased the size from thumb hole to where the fingers start by 1", roughly. It worked out! Here are the seed-stitched palms:

My hands have been really cold in the below 20 degree weather that we've been having, so I'm really glad I found time to finally finish them. They'll probably be the last thing I make for myself for awhile, actually, as I really need to get the lead out on my brother's Lucha Libre mask. It's going to be so cute. I'm using cotton-ease in a charcoal for the main part of the mask, and some Vanna's choice green acrylic for the area around the eyes and mouth. I think he'll get a kick out of it.

So music-wise, I'm obsessed with this band called Angels of Light. They are so damn good. And right now Blake is playing a song by Okkervil River (from their new album) that reminds me of John Hughes' movies. In a really good way.

Question: do you all love The Office as much as me? I can't stop watching it. I'm going to marry Jim Halpert. Mm.

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