Nietzsche wins a Toyota Tundra!

I can't take credit for my subject title...Blake and Doug are plotting a movie about Nietzsche that is essentially equivalent to Bill and Ted....what dorks.

Ok, so I've made a bunch of awesome dinners lately, and tonight, I took a picture of Blake and I's excellent meal. I made swordfish steaks, edamame, and quinoa. Quinoa is a super healthy grain (that is both a protein and a fiber) that has gotten a lot of hype in the States lately. I know that it has been eaten in South America for forever, but now it's available here! Check it out:

The swordfish is flavored with lemon juice, lemon pepper, and dill. The quinoa looks like it would be weird, but it is actually really good! It's supposed to be somewhat of a rice substitute. Looks delicious, no?

On the crafty side of things, I have decided that as soon as I get enough time to be more prolific with my knitted goods, I'm going to open up shop on Etsy.com and also in the Makery and sell some stuff. I'm really, really, really excited about it. I'm also growing more and more excited to move to D.C. I can't wait!

Life is awesome.


  1. two thousand great.
    am i right or am i right?

  2. when you're right, you're right