Bigger is better

Ok, so, it's been awhile.. I always think about posting, but then I think, "nobody reads this, so blehhh"...but now I'm thinking that I don't give a fuck who reads this and I'm going to log my thoughts in it anyway and catergorize this task to a very full folder in the back of my brain: self-indulgent ramblings. And speaking of indulgence, I have some news on that front; I have been buying yarn like crazy lately, and although I think I need to calm down until I actually complete a couple of projects (they're all xmas gifts), I think I'm going to be buying this today:

It's called "Magnum", and rightfully so. I'll refrain from the multitude of penis jokes I could make here relating to the above mentioned name, but you should know...it's amazing (I have it in a deep and peacock-y bluish-green). It's super bulky, comes in great colors, and softy silky woolly goodness. I just want to buy a bed made out of it. I'm so into chunky yarn lately...I think's because super chunky knit scarves are coming back in style, and I want to make them. Lots of them. Specifically, a free pattern that can be found on stitch dc's blog designed by the amazing Marie Connelly: http://stitchdcblog.blogspot.com/2008/09/cabled-scarf.html

When it's done, it looks like this:

I love it. It will knit up so quick! The bad thing is that I've already planned out my other knit gifts, so if I made this, I'd be making for moi, so I would feel EXTRA bad buying this yarn and the size 19 needles needed to make it. And yes, I said the words "cock", "penis" and "magnum" in the previous paragraph. Maybe that'll up the google hits that I get on this blog...GENIUS.

Ok...so I wrote half of this blog yesterday without finishing it, and I did end up buying that skein of yarn....it's insanely pretty. And I love Stitch DC in Capitol Hill. Everyone is really nice, especially this lady named Lauren who always helps me wind my new yarn and who seems really cool.

TGIFriday, right? My mom is in town and I'm really excited about the things we have planned. Here goes:

  • Watching the debate tonight (if it even happens) and throwing rotten tomatoes in the general direction of John MCCain/Palin
  • Ordering AMAZING Thai food from this place near my house whilst watching said debate/whatever it's going to be
  • Getting my KnitPicks order in on Saturday, which has some lovely xmas gift yarn inside
  • Doing something awesome on Saturday in the area? Probably going to see Ghost Town (I heart Ricky Gervais)
  • GOING TO THE CRAFTY BASTARDS SHOW with my mom!!!!!! I'm going to take pictures, and update them on here next week sometime. I hope I miiiiiiight be able to afford something...even if it's small. Or at the very least get the vendors' etsy info so I can save up and buy later.
  • Maybe going to the DC SnB @ Teasim on Sunday after my mom leaves if I can make it.

Oh, and speaking of Stitch N Bitch, I went to one at this great bar on U St on Tuesday night, and had a really awesome time! We drank beer and talked shop and politics, and everyone was awesome, liberal, and intelligent, and funny. I will def be going to it every Tuesday, and perhaps their meetings at other locations on Sunday and Thursday nights. I love knitters. They're just better people. :)

The Office last night was AWESOME.

Hopefully getting out of the ol' orafice today early to hang with my mom in the city a bit before we go back into VA. We've eaten at a couple great places that I highly recommend if you haven't already been:

  • Biddy Mulligan's: In Dupont circle, actually inside the hotel my mom was staying in. Obviously Irish, and good.
  • Clyde's of Georgetown: In Georgetown (duh), fancy district, and this place is apparently a staple of the area. Seafood was delicious. Best thing we got was the Crab Tower appetizer and the Lobster Bisque. Good lord it was good.
  • Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe: Also in Dupont, a bookstore AND a cafe. There are a few of these types of places in DC. All we got was Riesling wine (I think the brand was called "Naked" and it was some of the best I've had), a combo appetizer aptly named "sharezies", and dessert. It looked good, and tasted even better. I will come back to this place many times over.
  • Po Siam: The Thai restuarant in Alexandria that mom and I have eaten at before, and loved. The curry dish was great, and the restaurant itself is clearly a place that someone takes pride in...and they deliver to my house. Awesome? yes.

Of course, I don't usually eat out this often, but since my mom has been in this week and we've stayed in the city, we've eaten really well. I'm already sad for her to leave, because my mom makes life fun and great. She's the best mom in the world.

Anyway, enough of that. I've been knitting lots! I think I'll post pictures of my progress another time, when I upload my Crafty Bastards show pics. So...lots more knitting stuff to come.


  1. Damn you to heck and back! Just when I think I've got my holiday gifts all planned out, I come across your blog and THAT SCARF! Crapola. Now I have to go out and find the damn yarn and size 19 needles and make dozen of those damn scarves. O.K. fine. I drank the Kool-Aid. Now do your part--keep posting. You are too damn funny to stop, and I'm hoping my daughter will try her hand at knitting if she reads your blog. If penis and knitting in the same blog doesn't do it, nothing will.

  2. Thank you! I'm so excited to hear that you liked it. And yes, I felt the same way about the scarf when I saw it. I even bought the needles for it today...I'm baaaaad. Tell your daughter that knitting and knitters are awesome, and she will enjoy becoming an obsessive,fiber addicted, and lovable back-talker just like the rest of us!