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FO_Chunk Scarf 2
WIP_August is for Melody 02
WIP_Cat's Paw Lace

Sorry for some crappy picture quality on the first and last pictures....One was taken with my phone, and well, my camera isn't really that great. In fact, it sucks for taking pictures in artificial light. So...I'm in the market if you guys have suggestions.

Anyway, to more important things! These are the beginning of my xmas gifts, and boy are they moving slower than I thought they would. The only semi-instantly gratifying project I had was the scarf at the top....the Mega-Cabled Scarf mentioned previously, and whose pattern is on the Stitch DC Blog. This pattern was really fun and super quick, and I intend on making more of them in the future.

The bottom two pictures are gifts for my sister (Yellow and White plaid-ish...aptly named "August is For Melody" from the August is for Jack pattern. The pattern is easy, but a bit slow. I'm about halfway done with it, and it will be Mel's bday gift. The burgundy scarf is from a simple lace pattern called Cat's Paw Lace. It's going a bit quicker than the other one, but what can I say, I'm impatient. After these are done, I'll probably start on the fingerless gloves meant for my little sister's birthday, which falls two days before xmas. Phew....lots of work ahead!

So...I bought two tickets to Stitches East! I decided to forego the classes, as I want to save more money for purchasing yarn and supplies. In the interest of practicality and restraint, I am NOT buying yarn or anything else knitting related until Stitches East...only a month away, but given the pace that I've been buying yarn and knitting stuff, even a month without doing so will be a needed break. So, if any of you are also going to Stitches East in Baltimore, let me know the most convenient way to get there! The MARC train doesn't run on the weekends, no metro goes out that far...so I'm still figuring out how we'll get there that Sunday. I really would hate to drive it....blech.

Here's what I want more than anything right now: To stay in a cabin/chalet somewhere in Shenandoah, just me and Blake. A hot tub, canoeing, fishing, and wine drinking....where can i find this? I keep searching for some kind of highly convienient search engine for something of this sort...I NEED TESTIMONIALS...I put my Autumn weekend getaway as well as my sanity in your hands, readers. I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, watch 30 Rock every night like I have been. it.is.AWESOME.

Also, check out the Yarn Harlot's latest post where she inspires one of her readers to get Barack Obama to hold a knitted sock in progress! True test of a famous person's character, I say. You can find her blog in the side margin under "dope knitting blogs" ------------------------------>

Peace Ma Nerrrrrrrrdz,



  1. Your sister is one lucky girl! Love the cable scarf. I'm working on one for my daughter.

  2. Ima add you too girrrrrrl!

    PS - You are endless amounts of fab craft inspiration! You go witcha bad self!!!!!!

  3. love your cable scarf!!! how long does it turn out?