What's 'boobs' in French?

So I'm sick, and its awful. Especially since I have a busy week at work with a huge deadline so I can't stay home...blurg. Well, atleast, I don't want to stay home, because I want my bosses to be impressed by my determination. I clearly have SOME free time, as I am blogging. right now. at work. Anyway, I'm just taking Mucinex until it gets better, and it needs to get better soon.

I can't decide if I'm going to my Stitch n' Bitch tonight...part of me really wants to go, chat, and also see if imported beer kills this cold, and part of me thinks it might be kind of crappy to go when I'm sick. If not just for my sake, then the sake of my fellow knitters...I don't want to get knitting needles shoved in my ears later on because I got someone else sick.......I don't know what to do! Speaking of which, I should point out BugHeart's blog. It's really pretty and awesome, and she is (one of) the main coordinators for DC SnB. And she's an entomologist, which is neat!

So I've been knitting a lot lately, obviously, and aside from working on the two scarves mentioned in the previous post (which are taking FOREVER), I also finished a Noro hat for my niece's xmas gift. I've since cinched one side and put a pom-pom on top, but here is the most recent picture I have

I love Silk Garden....I just think it is the prettiest yarn ever. I'll post pictures very soon of the finished product...it's adorable.

Now I'm also working on a Pithy Hat for a gift as well, in the green Manos Del Uruguay yarn shown in a previous post. The problem is, the yarn is quite slubby, and there are lots of thick/thin spots, which I LOVE (it's the reason I bought it), but the stitch definition of the cables and ribbing is kind of...lacking because of the slubbiness of the yarn. I mean, it still looks cool, but not vrey well defined. I don't want to frog it just yet though....pictures on this to come as well.

In lieu of more knitting pictures, I'm going to show you a secret that could cost me my life...

It's le office desk. I'm pretty important, huh? Yeah.

Ok so, I've been getting back into Netflix and I think all you fellow Netflixers should share with me what you've been watching/plan to watch! Here's a few on my list:

-At home:

  • In Bruges - watched it, and it was pretty good. Some hilariously funny moments, but all in all a pretty dark movie.
  • Eagle Vs. Shark - Hilarious movie. Jermaine Clement is my wannabe b/f
  • The Unbearable Lightness of Being - One of my favorite books, but haven't watched the movie yet...I rented it from Netflix previously, but Blake accidentally sent it back....so I rented it again.


  • Pom Poko - A Ghibli Studios film that I'm really excited to see.
  • Breathless - Godard's most famous.
  • A Woman is a Woman - another Godard film.
  • Umbrellas of Cherbourg - I should've watched this years ago...Catherine Deneuve is hot.

So more to come very soon....pictures and such.


  1. I did not know that there was a movie version of The Unbearable Lightness of Being! I will have to chchcheck it out!

    I hate being sick. I think I might have an ear infection. If I'm still grossy wossy tomorrow I'm going to the doctor. I hope you feel better soon!

    "sein" is French for bosom or breast. :)

  2. hi! cool blog! I love what you knit. Great colours. The French translation for boobs would be "nichons" or "nénés...

  3. LOVE Silk Garden! I'm doing a riff on an entrelac scarf and I can't believe how gorgeous the colors are. So many yarns, so little money! Can't wait to see the photo of that CUTE hat!

    I suppose bodacious tattas isn't the correct translation...

  4. I love all the translations! I should keep a english-to-every-language dictionary on hand specifically meant to translate/speak dirty words. Because honestly, that's all I need to know. What more could you ask for in life?

  5. i'm in love with the noro hat! amazing. i love yr blog.