Time is making fools of us again

Ok so I found the coolest thing last night...a combination of two of my favorite things ever....what's that, you say? There's a way to combine Harry Potter and yarn? But how?

Opal came out with a new line of self-patterning sock yarn this fall dedicated to some of the HP characters! I 'm pretty set on getting some. Here's the yarn in skeins:


And here it is knit into socks:


For more info, check out Opals's website.

It's pretty pricey yarn, but 1 skein can make a sweet pair of socks. And as I'm sure you know, I'm not really a sock knitter at all...but this yarn could inspire me to become one. I particularly love the Dumbledore, Lupin, and Ron yarns...although I have to express my annoyance that there's no Hermione or Ginny yarns...Hermione is my favorite.

Did any of you see the three patterns that Knitty added today? None of them are really my thing, except for a pair of socks that I found fitting to this blog...


Yep. Frankensocks. Again, more inspiration to become a sock knitter.

So, I haven't been cooking really at all (if you saw the lack of space in my kitchen and the messiness of the people I live with, you wouldn't either), but I'm still trying to make good things to eat, particularly for my lunches. I have been eating this salad all week, and I've decided it's the best lunch ever!
You guys should try it.

It's made with:
-baby spinach
-dried cranberries
-crumbled goat cheese (I know, right?)
-sliced almonds
-annnnd Trader Joes Fat Free Sesame Soy Ginger Vinaigrette (yum)

Stitch N Bitch this past Tuesday was AWESOME. Everyone is so smart and funny in my SnB, and I found out Tuesday that they also have great taste in music as well. One of them , whose name is Allison and has an etsy shop at A Stitch to Wear, saw the Nick Cave show that I was DYING to see in early October, but I couldn't go because I had house guests. Anyway, it was just really cool talking to everyone on Tuesday, and I'm so glad I started going to the DC SnB. I haven't gotten a picture of the group, but here's The Saloon on U St, where the weekly SnB is held.


Not the greatest picture, I realize. The important thing is, the beer is great. And on Tuesday, they gave us free food because we're regulars to the bar. It was delicious.

So I want to move to Arlington with Blake really soon. I'm so frustrated with my living situation and the Clarendon area of Arlington seems to have some awesome people, The Galaxy Hut, and proximity to a metro that can get Blake and I to work. Ideally of course, I'd live in the city. But, it will be a little while until I can do that. Either way, Northern VA is less than 10 miles away in most cases, and I think Arlington seems cool.

My Pithy Hat is almost done. And I frogged the Cat's Paw scarf...I have something else is mind now...Have I reached my WIP limit yet? I need to finish these things!


  1. I really want that HP sock yarn! I've learned how to do two socks at the same time on circulars and this yarn is soooo cute!

    Not to change the subject--Is it me or is soy yarn just impossible to frog? Anybody have any tips?

  2. I've actually never used soy yarn, but I recently purchased a couple of balls of Rowan Tapestry, which I know has soy in it...

    Does it stick like Shetland? Or are you making something lacy? Those things can be tricky to frog as there are many twists involved usually. Let me know what the yarn is doing, and I will use my superior sleuthing skills to help!

  3. I'm actually just doing some plain old entrelac, nothing lacy, using Karaoke, 50-50 soy/wool blend. It's real "grabby" and I seem to get microscopic splits that want to hold together like I'm knitting with steel wool! I'm stubborn (stupid) enough not to give up on this yarn, but if this is what soy is like, not sure I'm too eager to add more to my stash.

    Speaking of my stash, I'm about to head out of the door to buy some of that Harry Potter sock yarn. Please stop dangling these irresistible yarns in front of me! I'm going to have to move to a bigger house. The yarn is taking over!!!!!!

  4. Hmm. I did some research on that particular thype of yarn and MANY complain that it isn't spun well, causing it to tangle up in itself. I wouldn't let it defer you from using soy in the future though, especially soy silk, of which I've had my eye on a few handspun skeins from Etsy...

    And tempting you with evil yarn is my sworn duty as a knitting blogger. If it makes you feel any better, I have all my yarn in large ziploc bags on the floor....not exactly organized. Oh yeah, and I buy yarn too much. Yep.

    It's cool you have a LYS near you that sells those Opal HP yarns! I want to get atleast one skein of it, but I have to drive about 20 miles to get it! But who are we kidding, I'll do it anyway.

  5. Thanks to your baaaaad influence, not only did I buy TWO skeins of HP, I also bought the addi TURBO needles to knit those fab socks. Maybe I should start my own blog for yarn addicts!