Ok guys, so I'm freaking out! I have so so much more to do knitting-wise and not a ton of time to do it. I was planning on getting some progress done this weekend but umm...suffice to say that a lot of dramatic bullshit happened between us and our roommates, and once again, anything leisurely took the backburner....ug. So, in the interest of organization, here's what I HAVE to get done as far as gifts go and what can be given to the recipients late (although I HATE giving gifts to people late!)

Gifts that neeeed to get done:

-Mom's Branching Out scarf (it's not too far from being done, so I'm not worried about this one)
-Dustin's fingerless gloves
-Emilie's Pencil Scarf (I'm worried about this one, it'll take some time)
-Katie's Endpaper Mitts (I may change this project into a hat and make her mitts later...as her hat from last year got stolen and I just HAPPEN to have some black Cascade 220 left over from Lala's SECRET gift)
-Little C's Little Gems Mitts (Also, not too far from being done)

Gifts that can be sent out later:

-Melody's scarf (This is the first project I started, and it's the slowest thing EVVVVVER. However, since I gave her a cweet hat for her birthday, I'm sure she won't be toooo disappointed to get her xmas gift late)
-Lauren's second gift (I've got something cute planned that I'm going to send her later...maybe for a bday gift?)
-Little C's Kittyville Hat (I may be able to whip this one out since it's a hat, but since Constance is getting the mitts for ther bday on Dec 23rd, I'll send out her xmas gift later)
-Mom's bday gloves (my mom is understanding and awesome, and I'm sure she'll be pleased to recieve gloves later)
-Doug's Eraserhead Pillow
-I was also supposed to knit a mega-cabled scarf for Melissa.....but I still need to get the yarn...it's such a quick and fun knit. My only concern is getting that monster of a scarf into a package to send out! I'll need a refrigerator box to ship that thing!

And the Stripey hat? Nope. Now that hand-picked (and quite pricey) O-Wool will be a hat for me. Sorry, but my handmade items are reserved for only the most awesome of people, and she is not on that list. No, I'm not a total bitch, I've just had a rough weekend (and so has poor Blake). And in case you're wondering, YES, I have a lot of people in my life with birthdays right next to Christmas. And YES, it sucks kinda. And YES, I like to type in caps....kind of a lot.

I started the Artist's Way on Saturday, and it has made me feel so much more positively about everything. Also, the Morning Pages have been helpful in letting me get all my bitching out onto a page so I can move on and be amazing (as usual :).

Sorry for the lack of pictures! Here's a little something to quench your visual thirst, doods:
Oh my Hugh! Shameless....I know...I'm embarrassed now. But seriously, YOU CANNOT DENY THAT SWAGGER. It's enough to make a girl add "-licious" to the ends of all her words...