change is good/bad

So, somehow, at the same time, it is both an incredibly sad and happy day today.

Sad news first: my boss, Carl Huff, passed away today. He had been sick with bronchitis for the past couple months, and he wasn't a young guy, and it escalated. He actually has been in the hospital all week with his family, and I am thankful that he did not suffer for an extended period of time.

This, of course, makes me Manna's permitting specialist extraordinaire, which is scary

Good news: WE GOT A NEW APARTMENT. Oh yes. Just me and Blake and the kitties. And in the city! Petworth, to be exact, in the NW. It's a really cute neighborhood, and within walking distance from Columbia Heights and a short drive to Adams Morgan. We're moving in Feb. 6th. I am so stoked. It's going to be swank and awesome. I get to go on Friday and bring paint chips for the owner, as he's letting me pick out the new colors for him to paint before we move in. Since it's a basement apartment, averything is going to be painted light and airy. In summation, my new apartment with Blake is going to be FLY. And sans crazy, messy roommates.

So I've been knitting up a storm and I FINALLY finished something. The Branching Out scarf fot my mom.

I took this before finishing the last repeat and adding the fringe, but last night I got all that done. Now I just need to block it and sew the labels in. And it's a terrible picture, mostly because I DESPERATELY need a haircut. Must find time for that this week. I'll post a better picture of the scarf tonight, promise. Myoshi, my mascot, has been helping me get all my knitting done.

Yeah, she's cute.

Last week, these came in the mail:
Yeah, I know, all these are crappy pictures. What can I say, my camera battery was dead, so I had to use le phone. Anyway, these are clothing care labels from Namemaker.com. Katie got me custom labels from them last Christmas, and I decided to order ones that specify to my recipients whether or not their gifts can be hand or machine washed. Very nifty. If you want some, click on the above link and pay $12.00 for each packet of 100. Mine say "Machine Washable, Tumble Dry" and "Hand Washable, Drip Dry". I like to avoid disasters with my knitted goods.

So, now I need to finish the Little Gems Mitts for Constance. Maybe I can get it done by...Friday? Ugh! I need to SERIOUSLY pump out the knitting this weekend and hold off on packing until after Christmas. Even though I want to pack up NOW. No really, I could not get out of there soon enough.

Mr. Carl Huff, you will be missed.

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  1. This must be a crazy time for you. Best of luck in your new position and in your new home. You know you're a bona fide grownup when you finally ditch the messy roommates.