January is for decorating

So work is stressful right now. I'm getting all my stuff organized and done, but this week I'm feeling a little over work. Oh well.

Here's something fun...do you guys want to see a few decorative things that I'm buying for the apartment? Maybe you'll get a few sweet ideas to share with me? Alrighty!

Modern Japanese-esque shower curtain from Urban Outfitters for $36.

Cotton rug from Urban Outfitters : $15. I think it looks very art deco meets Space Invaders, don't you?

Deer lamp from Urban Outfitters: $20. I would far prefer this in white, yellow, or red. Pink isn't really my thing.

Branch coat hooks from Urban Outfitters: 2 for $15. I love these. So simple and pretty.

Aneboda bedside tables from Ikea: $40 each. I'm getting two for the bedroom.

Ikea Desk. This is one of those "create your own tables" where you mix and match legs and tops. This particular one I'm buying from a seller on craigslist, and she hand stained the legs yellow. I think it's way cool.

End table from Ikea. I'm buying this from someone on craigslist for $15. Blake thinks I like it because it looks like the letter "C". Maybe he's right.

Someone made this cat bed from an old iMac computer monitor....and I want one! I love recycled items, and you can find these old monitors for nothing...Make magazine mentioned someone who sells these on Etsy. I'd love to do it, but I worry about getting everything out and the lead content in monitors. Still though, it's pretty cool.
Shelf from The Container Store: $32. Ok, so my mom and I have been talking about an efficient way to store my yarn stash, and my mom suggested a shelf like this wall mounted above my craft desk. I'm terrible with power tools, so when my mom visits me in February, she's going to help me pick out a drill and mount stuff. Finally, the yarn will be out of the plastic bags next to my bed!
Umbra Vases at Target: $17 - $20. I love these. The non-black part is actually clear, and I want flowers (silk or real) all over the apartment.

I've got my eye on a thousand other things as well, but above is a taste. Can you tell I like white alot? The couch I may be getting is beige-ish, so I'm pretty excited about that too.You guys should know, if you are looking to refurnish your apartment, scouting craigslist everyday seriously pays off if you're quick enough!

August is for Melody scarf still slowly moving along. About 12 rows left! I still need to buy that Knit.1 issue that features patterns from all my favorite bloggers....


  1. You've made some really cute choices--I especially like the shower curtain. Very chic!

    As for the deer lamp, why not spray paint it a color you like? There are some great paints out there.

    Have fun!

  2. ...that's actually a great idea! I dn't know why I didn't think of spray-painting it...thanks for the suggestion! I'm in desperate need of lamps...