It's snowy in DC today

So, I wasn't at the Inauguration a week ago. In the end, we decided to avoid the craziness and hang with some friends whilst watching everything on tv. And, it was such an experience, just watching it, as I'm sure you all know. Above is a picture from the Prince of Petworth Inauguration photo pool on Flickr. Here's another one posted by Prince of Petworth (a GREAT DC blog) that I love.

Sorry about the lack of posts. I've been knitting here and there, but mostly packing to move, which happens in a week and a half!!!! I'll be busy until after I move, and once I set up the craft desk/organizational system I've got planned, I'll be up and running again creatively.

Something else, aside from packing has also distracted me lately....

yes. the Wii. God bless it.

If any of the rest of you have Wiis, I hereby challenge you to a Mario Kart duel. It's ON.


  1. I have been searching Denver high and low for the wii fit. Can't find it, but I will be all over that bad boy once I get my hands on it.

    My DD stayed home from school to watch the inauguration. We were both thrilled!

    Good luck with the move. Post those pix!

  2. Yay for Wiilaxation!

    Love you!