Long weekends + Unsolved Mysteries

So it's been a while....holidays, right? I OF COURSE didn't get done with the gifts, but I was able to give my mom her scarf, Lauren her mitts, and Katie her hat....the rest will have to be shipped. Sigh.

So, the SECRET project is now finally revealed!
I loved making these mittens...and they were my first attempt at stranded knitting. I think they turned out well! Now, onto Katie's hat...the lovely Foliage pattern on Knitty that I have been wanting to make since FOREVER.
Katie wouldn't let me take a picture of her in it....but it looks perfect on her. I love lace knitting. Quick, and just the right amount of concentration.

So I still have stuff to finish, but that's ok.

Constance (my little sister) left for Tokyo the day after Christmas! And on the first day she was there, her boy proposed, so now she's engaged! Crazy! Things like this make me feel both extremely young and extremely old at the same time. It's weird. I've been feeling a little weird about growing up lately...sometimes I wonder what I should be doing instead of figuring out what I want to be doing. Weird.

However! I've been focusing all of my energies into planning things to buy for the new apartment. I've been scouting craigslist everyday for cute Ikea stuff, and planning how much money i need to spend of cooking knives, cookware, a vacuum, furniture, etc. Not to mention the Wii that I'm going to buy in Feb/Mar. i'm pretty excited about it. Our small little apartment is going to be quite cute. I hope my fam and friends come visit lots!

Here's a picture that my sister sent from Tokyo!
She's adorable. Aren't you jealous? I am. I hope she visits me soon. Maybe I can convince her and Kevin to move to DC....maybe.

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