don't lie, you know you love paddle boats

So, I'm very frustrated with my laptop at home. My USB ports have decided to stop detecting devices, so I cannot A) upload pictures or B) put my newest music finds on my ipod. It sucks. I've searched throughout the interweb universe and cannot find an answer that works, and I've tried EVERYTHING. I'm going to keep looking and see how much I have to spend to fix it, but uploading pictures until then will be difficult, so bear with me.

My mom is in town! We did a lot this weekend at the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC. It was beautiful. Cherry trees are definitely my favorite tree, and maybe even my favorite thing ever that grows out of the ground in general. Love them. Again, I have pictures, but it will have to wait.

I have ACTUALLY made some knitting progress on a very belated gift to Constance...the Kittyville Hat! Most of you know the pattern from the first Stitch N' Bitch book...you can get the pattern for free at Ravelry now. It's pretty cute I think. I'm just about done with it...just need to add the ears and block.

I've applied for the Peace Corps and now I need to focus on losing weight and getting healthy so I can pass the medical screening. It's very exciting. Changing diet completely (again) and working out. I'm soooo sore from it, but I need to break my bad habits! Wish me luck.

Sorry about the semi-boring posts lately. I've lost some pep in my step as of late, but I'll get it back...yes.

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  1. We will paddleboat sometime soon! I promise!