Oy! Oy gevald!

So, it's been a very long time! I suppose I delayed blogging because I haven't made that much progress on creative projects (although I somehow keep managing to build up a list of projects that I PLAN to do). I've really been focused on the apartment mostly, which is fully unpacked and awesome! I need to take some good pictures of it and post them. Thanks to craigslist and Ikea, my small little apartment is homey, clean, and adorable. Blake and I love it. So do the kitties.

Because I've been in out of knitting lately, my latest obsession is with watercolors and sumi-e art. I've had my eye on some sets (and books) to learn and play with different techniques, but so far I've just dabbled, really. There's a site called OrientalArtSupply.com that has some really neat stuff that I'd recommend. And of course DickBlick.com...duh. But, DC car inspection/repair/registration stuff has me pretty broke, so those supplies (and a sewing machine and quilting books/supplies) will have to wait. Sigh.

So we've had some visitors in lately, including our K-Bear and also Rhianna and Jay! We've had a really fun week with everyone that came in. Although I've decided to try this new thing out where I don't talk so much shit about other people. I mean, I'm not that bad, but it comes off as negative and mean and I don't like it. Yep.

If you guys haven't taken the Meyers-Briggs Test, you should! It's kinda fun. I'm INFJ (the rarest personality type, wurrd), and Blake is a ENFP. Everything we read on our respective types fit us to a tee. Take it and tell me if you think it's accurate!

Upcoming projects I have in mind (and, because no post is complete without a picture, I've included visuals!):

The "Color Wheel Quilt", found in "Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts" by Joelle Hoverson. I was inspired to do this when I saw it on the Purl Bee blog (see links at right), and I have a very specific twist on what is to be my first large scale quilted project. I'll give you a hint: it will be a gift to someone on a very big day in the future...and the fabric used in it will be of Japanese origin (but isn't everything if I have my way?). More to come on that...

Blake and I are very inspired by the art of Yoshitaka Amano (you may know him as the artist who created the Final Fantasy game series). I like his pale colors and sketchy lines, and I think, with my own flavor added, that I will be very good at sumi-e and watercolors. I can't wait.

As far as knitting goes, I'm really into hats right now. Chunky, intricate, instantly gratifying hats. I'm currently lusting to start the Cuckoo pattern by Natalie Larson. So pretty. I think I'd like it in gray...or brown maybe.

Also, I'm reading my first Chabon book! And it's full of Yiddish. Did you guys know that I'm really into Jewish culture? Asian culture...and Jewish culture...pretty different, but they draw me, what can I say. Anyway, this book is really good so far. It's called "The Yiddish Policeman's Union". And it has a little mini glossary in the back with Yiddish words! Like Goyim and Kibitz...and Shtupping! What language is more fun, seriously? In otherwords, I highly recommend this book. And also "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle" by Murakami....I just finished it a week ago and it was an amazingly beautiful book.

Ok! So I'll post more regularly from now on! Happy early St. Patty's day!


  1. Glad you're back. Can't wait to see photos of your new digs!

  2. Please post all the time! You are the craftiest person I know!

    We had SO much fun in DC with you all :) Thank you for showing us around the bar scene!

    I am totally an ENFJ. That thing is pretty accurate - I can't wait to make Jay take it.

  3. i'm ISFJ. It stands for "I Said Fuck Jesus." Pretty accurate.
    "their shyness is often misjudged as stiffness, even coldness, when in truth Protectors are warm-hearted and sympathetic, giving happily of themselves to those in need." <-- This is very true. Tell you one thing, when i'm giving happily of myself, there's nothing cold about it...but maybe something stiff from the recipricant. BAM!

    (yes, i laughed so hard (hard?!?) when i wrote that. still laughing)

    i've been getting better at my watercolors. of course "better" for me still ranks pretty low on the overall "good" scale, but, admittedly, i've looked at them and thought

    "not too shabby."

    sorry for any spelling errorz.

  4. Watercolors are awesome! And....they'll come in handy for one of the bday gifts that you'll get in the mail today Lauren! Also, you are the first "Sensing" that I've met (aka, the "S" in your "ISFJ"). I'm going to read your description and see what it says! I'm curious! Constance and I were both INFJ, but some things applied more to me than her and vice versa. KT and Blake were both ENFPs, and Doug was INTP I think? Yeah, so far I haven't read one that was totally off base. My mom was INTJ...so on point it was scary.

  5. Rhianna -

    We had so much fun with you guys too! I always feel a little obnoxious when I hang out with people I haven't seen in awhile, so sorry about that...when I get boozy, I get louuuud and chatty.

    And I knew you'd be ENFJ! You're a doer, and crazy social..makes total sense. You guys are welcome to come in any time!