Bostonian Blake reads Brautigan

I got a new camera. It's tiny and most excellent. And it has HD video...which will be great when I get to Japan and see all kinds of crazy and beautiful things that can only be captured on video. Unfortunately, I don't leave for another 2 weeks, so the most interesting thing I can record is Blake speaking with a Boston accent (he sometimes will do it for DAYS):

Mind the giggling from behind the camera...my bear cracks me up.

Note: Blake, to those of you who do not know him personally, is not from Boston. He learned accents from the Leonardo DiCaprio school of acting (sorry B).

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  1. Oh my lans. I couldn’t listen to this whole thing cause it was making me laugh too much during work hours. It sounds more like he learned his accent from the Keanu Reeves school of acting. I love your giggle.