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As my departure to Japan is in just a little less than 3 short weeks, I thought it fitting to pay respect to the many things I will miss while I am away:
My siblings (I only had good pics of Constance and Mel, but this applies to every single one of them), who are brilliant and beautiful people.

My mother who loves me no matter what, even if I'm being silly or boring, and supports me so much. She's far too cool to exist. If she finds a way to come visit me in Japan, I will jump up and down with glee. Really.

All of my friends, especially Katie and Lauren.

My nieces, who are the smartest and funniest little girls on the planet. One day, I want to take them somewhere exciting and foreign. And, buying them gifts in Tokyo will be easy and really fun, considering every little thing there is wacky and pink in color.

My three kittens who love us and each other so much. I don't even know how I'm going to not see them for a year.

Especially Myoshi, who is the best cat in the whole world.

And last but not least, my Blakey. Best friend and boo bear for life.

Honorable mentions include:

-Thanksgiving with my family. This year I think they're doing British food, but next year I believe we're finally doing Japanese! I think the idea is that I will use my newly gained knowledge of traditional Japanese food to put together our menu.
-Christmas in the US.
-American TV (mainly The Office...but that's what the internet is for)
-Being in the same time zone as my friends and family
-My adorable apartment in DC
-A bed with Blake
-Manna, Inc. Not all the permitting bullcrap, but my coworkers and bosses
-Kentucky, most of all.

I was lucky enough to get the most adorable apartment in Japan...courtesy of Gail, the very awesome girl that currently lives there. I'm keeping all of the great Ikea furnishing she decorated it with, and I'm very excited about all of it. Since I've posted the link everywhere else in the world, I may as well do it here!

Here is a video tour of the apartment before it was decorated, taken when the previous resident first moved in (scroll to the bottom of the post): http://www.todayisunderconstruction.com/2008/07/bloggin-on-sly-youll-see.html

And here it is as it will look when I move in, after it was decorated: http://www.todayisunderconstruction.com/2009/07/updated-apartment-tour.html

I've already met two people who will live in Japan the same time I will, and I'm not even there yet. Things are looking very positive, and I can't fucking wait.

Over and out dooders,

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