Movin' My Hips Like Yeah

Lots and lots of knitting progress this week...aside from finishing the Trellis Mitts that I previously mentioned, I (finally) completed Little C's Little Gems Mitts. Behold:

I assumed that I would have some issues with the sizing, as I tend to knit tightly (made even worse by over-tight floating strands behind the pattern) AND the yarn is superwash merino, which I thought wouldn't block so well. But, it did! It actually got quite a bit of stretch after wet-blocking, making them a perfect fit for my sister. I think she'll really enjoy the gift she was supposed to get 2 years ago.

Speaking of overdue gifts, there was actually a hat to match these gloves which I completed before I left for Japan in 2009. I picked a gray superwash wool of pretty much the same color as the Little Gems gloves, and made Stitch N' Bitch's Kittyville Hat. The cute nature of this hat suits Constance's style, and I've been wanting to knit one ever since I saw the pattern years ago. So, a complete matching set for winter 2008. In 2010. Oh well. Better late than never.
In other news, I finally went to Looped Yarn Works on Saturday, which was the beginning of a lovely day in DC. Blake and I had lunch at a Mexican bistro, took a stroll through the Hirshhorn with friends, and just walked around in the lovely weather. After the mild winter I experienced in Japan, this winter will be quite rough, I imagine. But, all the more reason to knit (and buy yarn). Anyway, I really enjoyed Looped. They had some yarns I haven't seen available at other LYS in DC, including a very nice Malabrigo selection and a whole mess of Cascade. The shop consisted of 3 rooms, all of which had knitters in them conversing and working on their latest project. It was nice! I think I'll take my mom there this weekend to check it out while she's visiting.
These are the two hanks I bought at Looped, both of them a first for me. The first one is a teal colored hank of 50% llama and 50% wool called Classic Elite Yarn Montera
. It has a really great texture similar to alpaca and it's my first llama yarn! The second hank is Malabrigo Worsted in a beautiful royal blue color...I'm going to make a nice hat with this one. I've never purchased Malabrigo before, but Looped had it in a million different colors. So, pretty eager to use these.

Despite the fact that I haven't finished the August is For Melody scarf or the Noro Entrelac scarf I started in Japan, I did decide to cast on a new project tonight. A little back story first: Blake is always complaining that I never knit him anything. I have knit him a hat in the past, but it was years ago when I barely knew how to knit in the round...so his complaints aren't unfounded. So, since winter is on it's way and Blake loves how alpaca feels just as much as me, I decided to make him a pair of his very own Beer Gloves. He's always admired mine, and I have 665 yards of Misty Mountain Farm Baby Alpaca DK
that I've been itching to whip out. So, now I can reward him finally for accompanying me to various yarn shops and for being patient when I say things like, "Hold on, dear, just one more row." Check out the yarn to be used:
So, that's what I've been working on. I suppose I just need to accept that I will consistently have three WIPs on my needles at any given time.

In other news, I had an interview at Lush Cosmetics
this week, and it went really well! It feels weird to go back to retail since I have a degree and all, but, it's just temporary and I think it will be fun. I have a floor trial on Sunday which I'm excited about. Other things that are excellent are my abundance of guests coming in the next few days...my mother on Friday, and Lauren/Renee on Monday. I'm so excited to see them! This is Lauren's (my bffffffff) first time visiting me in DC and it's going to be so much fun.

More later. I don't know why I have Miley Cyrus in my head.