I'm not sure if I've shared this detail about myself, but alpaca is my very favorite fiber. I love the way it knits up and how it feels against the skin. It's one of those things (only you knitters/crocheters will understand) where one's love for something straddles a fine line between healthy obsession and creepiness. You find yourself having dreams about jumping into a big pile of your favorite fiber (for instance, a bed made up of knitted alpaca), and becoming extremely picky about the fibers you wear close to your skin. It's a Scrooge McDuck-like fantasy that I think anybody with obsessive tendencies can relate to.

So, my recent FO has made me incredibly happy, as the yarn is handspun from a local alpaca farm and feels like a dream.

I do have issues with these gloves, though. First off, my choice of yarn wasn't the best for showing the pretty trellis lace pattern of the mitt, as the two-ply nature of the yarn distracts from the stitch detail. But, here's the thing: I can't just knit something that's ONLY ribbed or ONLY stockinette stitch. My attention span is too short. I need lace patterns, cabling, etc. So, I chose a pattern that was simple but had something aside from stockinette to keep me interested. Despite the fact that the yarn doesn't quite do the pattern justice, these are very nice. I will definitely be wearing these when it gets cold out, for sure. And they feel like a dream. I wonder if I could knit a whole body suit out of alpaca? Done. Fantasy achieved. Starting to see that fine line cross over into creepiness...

Nice, no?

So, BIG NEWS. About a month ago, a new LYS opened here in DC. Right in Dupont Circle. Only 3 miles from me. Previously, the only LYS in DC proper was Stitch DC, which is lovely, but it's not so close to where I live and the selection is a little limited. Anyway, it's called
Looped Yarn Works and judging from the website, it looks amazing. I plan on going in very soon to check it out and (as always) spend too much money. If you're in the DC/VA/MD area, you should go, as it seems to be run by really great people and the DC SnB holds meetings there occasionally as well.

Wouldn't it be excellent if I could satiate my temporarily unemployed status by working in an LYS? Would that be great or what? One can dream.

I've decided to finish some WIPs that I've had in the works for waaaaay too long. Namely, the August is for Melody scarf and Little C's Little Gems Mitts. These projects are so damn close to being done, and yet I've dragged my heels for over a damn year. So, going to complete those, give them to their proper recipients, and move on to my next project, which will be a pair of Beer Gloves for Blake. They were so fun to knit when I made a pair for myself years ago, and Blake has been bugging me for some cozy winter wear, so, it's next on my list.

Also, I've decided not to stress out about knitted gifts for Christmas this year. I may make a couple, but honestly, not many people appreciate them as they should and more than that, getting it done stresses me out. So, regular gifts for friends and fam this year, for the most part. It means I can enjoy knitting rather than stressing out when I inevitably fail to finish all my intended gifts.

Otherwise, all is great. Already missing Japan and its beauty. But, Blake and I are having lots of fun and all is good in the world. More later with some long-awaited FOs!

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