I love New Zealand 'eccents'

So I called in sick to work today...I mean, I have been sick, but today I knew I didn't have to go downtown and deal with DCRA people or anything else majorly important, so I stayed home. Sometimes you just need a day off. Also, I have pictures!

The green hat pictured to the right is the beginning of the Pithy Hat, knit with my Manos Del Uruguay yarn. In the second picture, you can kind of see what I meant before when I said that the cables aren't really well defined...but I think it'll be a good gift anyway. It feels wonderful...soft and almost silky, although there's no silk at all in it.
Down below you can see my niece's Silk Garden hat, which turned out really well, I think. I really want to knit myself one in a different colorway. The pattern actually calls for me to pick up and knit some ribbing along the bottom, but I think it's cute rolled up like this, don't you?

I think I'll ask Livia what she thinks when I give it to her on Christmas. She's a little fashionista, so I know she'll have an opinion. Either way, it's an easy easy knit.

I've also got better pictures of my Magnum Scarf. It's so pretty, I just cannot stop touching and looking at it.

Team Leanne! She won! I liked her and Kenley the best from the beginning, and then Kenley started getting snarkily mouthy...so even though I liked her taste generally, I was rooting for Leanne. So..yes! I want that wedding dress, by the way....

I'll probably watch movies and knit most of the day....and perhaps go out later? I went shopping for a few new clothes, so I have cute things to wear. I miss Blake a lot these days. He works kind of long days, and I'm not much on being alone. But the bad thing is, I also don't feel comfortable around many people...so i kind of miss Blake being around for me to joke with.

Anyway! I may post pictures later of some stuff I bought. In the mean time, find love in everything you do, my friends. And look forward to the new season of Flight of the Conchords in January! It's going to be awesome.


  1. Love the Silk Garden hat. I'm doing a scarf with the stuff and it's such a wonderful yarn. The colors send me.

    And the Cable Scarf. OMG! Loved knitting this baby. I've got another skein of Magnum. Hardest decision? Who will be the lucky ones to get these scarves!

    Thanks for posting pix of your projects. You are an inspiration. Hope you're feeling better, too.

  2. Thank you for the compliment! I need to see these scarves of yours...STAT