Let my love open the door

As someone who is a knitter, an artist, and a architectural designer, I have realized that I notice silly, tiny little things in tv/movies that other people do not. I notice knitted items in EVERY movie/tv show I watch, artwork framed distantly in the background, wallpaper and bedding, etc. And, while I consider this for the most part a wonderful thing, it does tend to suck up quite a bit of time on le interweb when I feel hellbent on finding, for example, a similiar wallpaper to the one used on Flight of the Conchords in Bret/Jermaine's bedroom...

And I don't think this happens because I lack originality...I think I am just someone who is very easily inspired by visual images...so I may stray from where I started, but the initial inspiration found in movies and some tv sends me into a frenzy...if I had no eyes, I would have no life....I guess that's a characteristic that is shared among us knitters.

Anyway, my point is, I have a lot of fun finding patterns for knitted items I've seen...and 90% of the time, some similiarly crazy knitter has already seen the item in question and written up a pattern for it. Here's a couple that I've been thinking of writing patterns for:
Mary's hat in "The Secret Garden"

Lily's hat in "Eagle Vs. Shark"...this one would be an easy one to write....you can't really tell, but all it is is a super-duper wide 1x1 ribbing around the bottom, and then a non-gradual cinch at the top....similiar to the Pithy Hat I'm working on...
And of course, all of the many many MANY HP-inspired knits...This still is from THE NEW HP. The best book...of the series. And so help me, if they mess it up like the 5th movie.....WHO'S EXCITED? Not quite nerdy enough, you say? Well, there was even a sweeeet book written on the subject of HP knits:This book has sweaters, hats, scarves (of course), socks....all from the HP movies. I hope she writes another one after they get done with all the movies, because I want to make that lacy cabled hat worn by Hermione in the image above from the 6th movie. Is anyone else annoyed that they made Daniel Ratcliffe's hair look stupid again for the new movie? It needs to be longer! Oh well.

So Blake and I have been watching a lot of "True Blood"...it's that show about vampires on HBO with Anna Paquin. It's pretty good! Cheesy dialogue, and well, it's about vampires, but there's something about it that I like.

Do you ever just want to skip town for a year and go to....I dunno, Japan or something? I've been thinking a lot about that lately. I guess it's because my undergraduate studies are over and I'm feeling adventurous for foreign countries. I think we're going to Europe next year. It'll do Blake and I a lot of good, I believe.

My mom used to (and still may) have this big box of winter wear in the closet nearest to the front door that we would all rustle through and wear when it was cold out. It was like a community winter gear box for all four of us kids....I'd like to see that stuff again and try to recreate it, as I remember a set of hats/mittens that were so vintage and adorable....I'll have to ask her about that.

Speaking of my mom's house, she's been cleaning the garage and she found a bunch of my old art stuff...and pictures of my family.My grandpa (Mom's dad) in the 1950s...in Casablanca....he was in the service and travelled everywhere.

One day I will get those scarves done...The August is For Melody scarf needs to be done by Thanksgiving....and I am just DRAGGING on it...Hopefully my resurgent interest in watching movies constantly will deplete some of my WIP woes.

Send me links to the stuff you guys have been making! Whether it's a Flickr image, something on your Ravelry/Craftster, whatever! Whip it out.


  1. First of all - LOVE The Secret Garden and Mary's hat in that still! Easily one of my fave books and movies.

    Second of all - I've had that Charmed Knits book on my wishlist at Amazon (that I made forevs ago and forgot about) for a long time and forgot all about it until just now!

    Third of all - I'm so effin excited about Harry Potter, as always! I can't WAIT! I'm so ready for some Harry/Ginny action and to see my lover Ron!!!

  2. I'm excited too! And I loved The Secret Garden when I was young...

    Charmed Knits is a great book! You should flip through it next time you go to Borders/Barnes and Noble...it has EVERYTHING. Or yeah...get it from Amazon. Fromwhat I understand, the patterns are really easy, especially the house scarves.

    And the 6th HP movie...HAS TO BE AWESOME. It just does.

  3. If you're not on Ravelry.com, you should really join! I found the Hermione hat thru them and am planning on making it for myself sometime this winter!

    Here is a link to the Hermione hat that you mentioned.



  4. I actually am on Ravelry (see link in right margin), but thanks for the link to the hat! One more awesome thing to make!